Saturday Night or Sunday Morning 2


There’s an old country song that speaks about the differences in people under the neon glow of a Saturday night compared to the bright sunshine of a Sunday morning. It’s not just the light though. It’s not even the atmosphere created by a honky tonk or a little country church, nor is it the feeling created by an ice cold beer, the warmth of bourbon served neat, or the peace found in the small sip of communion wine. Rather it’s our attitude, our demeanor, the way we carry ourselves, our poise, our stance, maybe even the different person we show to the crowd on Saturday night in contrast to the one we display to the world on Sunday morning. I won’t be so presumptuous as to label each photo, and my hope is that you will not be too hasty in judging, for only One knows what a person’s motives are and what they hold in their heart. Maybe you’ll see a little bit of you in each photo; in that case it’s for you to decide . . . , Saturday Night or Sunday Morning.   

© copyright by Tennessee Rick Elliott and TNrick Photography 2018